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Cancer Men Just like the Cancer woman, the Cancerian man also likes to take the sly route to romance. But, he is also inclined to fall in love quickly, as he too is a romantic. Whereas Cancerian women like to reminisce over love letters, the Cancer man would rather let his imagination run wild with scenes from the past or daydream about the future. Because Cancers are so sensitive, they are usually great communicators and love to talk about their feelings.

He expects his woman to be faithful and may show signs of jealousy. One good woman is enough for him and when he finds her, he will focus all his affections on her. He is attentive and will probably be very generous with gifts such as flowers, chocolates, and wine.

Cancer men are happiest when they find women who want to share their dreams with them. While your Cancer man may be cautious about a commitment, also know that the longer he waits to make a commitment, the less likely he is to follow through with it.

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He may focus on a hurtful incident that happened some time back as Cancers have great memories and the emotions from that memory and lack of trust caused by it may prevent him from carrying the relationship further. The Perfect Date What is a good date for a Cancer? Tickets to the theatre, an art gallery, or some other type of cultural event are a great start.

Cancers also love music, so a concert or opera is also an excellent choice. But don't rule out a romantic, candlelit dinner for two. Cancers also tend to be homebodies, so to suggest renting a video and getting takeout is also acceptable. Compatible Signs Which signs are compatible with Cancers? Taurus is an excellent match with a Cancer as they are opposite ends of the spectrum.

Cancer compatibility

Taurus tends to be possessive, but Cancers enjoy the attention. While a Taurus likes to be catered to, a Cancer are more than happy to do the catering when in love. For similar reasons, Cancers and Virgos are good matches. Cancers tend to be dependent and Virgos like to be protective.

While Cancers can be emotional, Virgos can calm that with their emotional steadiness. Cancers and Scorpios may find they share an intense and passionate intimacy. The two signs can sense what pleases each other, so the relationship will have depth to it as well. Pisces and Cancers will also make an affectionate couple. Both signs are emotional, devoted and sensitive to each other's needs.

Regardless of what sign you are, you may be able to have a committed, loving relationship with a Cancer if you keep a few things in mind: Cancers are one of the most sensitive signs They are very loyal and seek the same from mates They are very sentimental They have great memories They are very nurturing. Cancer in Love. Previous Page. Next Page. You might also like Pisces in Love.

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I am a Sagittarius. On year a Cancer male was interested in me. Well I never had that in mind as a person who is truly kind.

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Me and him dated on that particular year. Broke up and got back together several times. I was a bit shocked by his mood swings but I tried to understand and not judge. He claims that he is not good enough for me because he regrets what,he did. I told him to get out of my life and never speak or be in contact of the things I do. Everything he does I have to know and get jealous , because his best friend has that tendency to confront me and tell me how the guy has been talking about me. We are not together now, and I'm not concerned with what he does.

When he sees me he seems to act shocked and whenever he sees me he tries to hide so I do not see him. But I give no senses with his reactions.


Cancer in Love: Caring but Clingy

I just do not understand that is he has moved on why do I have to be the centre of his attention. Please explain? I am libra, have been talking online with a cancer man for months. Plans never worked out, we still haven't met, but still regularly try to. He often will just disappear from our text thread and not return for days or weeks. Because its online and casual I guess that is fine, but I cannot understand the reasoning.

He said he sometimes gets frustrated, moody, depressed or anxious. His words, so I guess that is why communication trails off. Because when he comes back, he is always happy to talk to me and still always wants to meet and make plans. If this is just their way of dealing with life, it is very unsettling to the other person, and it's not because I don't have a life, I do, very busy.

But keeping contact is important even for casual relationships. Li - Aug PM. Iam a cancerian girl iam in love with a boy and he is scorpion. I'm a Cancer woman who falls very hard and fast. But my last relationship has left me doubting if my intuition is off because I thought we were on the same page. I have no confidence or trust! Just met a Cancer man who I like but am scared to date him! Tee - May PM. Honestly, I'm a Cancer, afraid of falling in love with wrong person. It's not because someone who was the beloved one didnt give me the emotional caring, but I'm afraid being lied by the person that I believe they love me and I love them.

I'm afraid of someone who can easily say "I love you. And I will always love you", 'cause someone once said they love someone else and choose someone. I keep it silence of my problem since someone ever more likely said "you're such a drama who seeks an attention" or "are an attention-seeker? Because of this I have an anxiety when people say they like me, compliment me, or even adore me.

And I'm so anxious to show my sensitive side, cover all feelings with cold and logical appearance. And sometimes people who acts too emotional looks so fool to me, and sometime I hate myself with this sensitive side. I try forgiving someone that broke me a lot, but I couldn't forget that moment.

Also, I have a disbelief of happy ending of marriage, 'cause of family issue before I was born. My parents seem they regret about their marriage and family, and keep blaming each other.

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Even there were issues one of my parents cheated. So because of this I don't believe I'll get a lovely family in the future. The Cancer man is a devoted individual, though a little reluctant and reserved. Cancerians turn out to be great lovers, very affectionate and warm hearted, which makes them very like-minded and a well matched couple. Though the nature of Cancer zodiac sign is very sentimental, they are the least verbally communicative. As far as communication is concerned, as long as it does not become a compulsion for them to talk, they wouldnt mind staying quiet for a couple of days also.

Thus, it is not a burden for both the male and the female Cancerians to share an explicible relation, who know about themselves and in turn know about each others comfort zones. They love being emotionally attached, due to the affect of the moon, which gives them a sense of conscientious and relief. And for that matter, they also invest a good amount of time for their families and friends, making this Cancer man and Cancer woman love compatibility a beautiful amalgamation.