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To speak against this stuff and these people openly certainly closes doors for people who aspire to have what they have and run in their circles. I say the real prophets need to stand and repudiate this false version of prophets. Some of the guests were uncomfortable on the panel. I haven't followed Brian Mosley too much, but he was about the best one on the panel. Belinda Scott was good too, her husband and I don't see eye to eye, but she seems to stable. Then there was Prophet Todd Hall I know he's a popular one on the "circuit" but he seemed a little disturbed also I don't know Marcia, That touches on another thing I have a short list of people that I try to bring here every now and then.

When they come I need the people who are dedicated to truth to show up and support them and our efforts. It's funny how the charlatans can raise all kinds of money. In fact one of the "prophetesses" said that her job was to raise money as if the people were just for the sole purpose of supporting them and their ministries Like Mosley said, these folk are using the people of GOd for monetary considerations and not ministering to needs for soul considerations TRUTH is the antidote to this sickness.

Good Bless Supt. Burnett, I watched that summit on Friday night and I actually attempted to contact the Word Network to try to obtain a copy of the summit before it aired to see the response of one particualar panelist who claims that she stands for truth. My question to you is Did you come away with the sense that the panel actually validated the hustle of E.

Bernard Jordan due to fact that no one really challenged him on what he was saying. Min, Terry, You asked: " My question to you is Did you come away with the sense that the panel actually validated the hustle of E. For hi money is part of the mission and he continues in this farce of an apostate doctrine inspired by his spiritual father REV.

Ike, pimped until he died and was the godfather of the modern pimp preacher movement In fact, I can name about two to three more of them that have a mixture of these demons, use big words, say nothing and are confused scripturally Was he Jordan giving a blanket definition of what a "prophet" is? Because if that is the case, I would have to refer to Elijah and the prophets of baal That scripture gives clear distinction of who a true prophet is and what a true word from a prophet is also and that Elijah was not the only true prophet, but that true prophets are always outnumbered and persecuted because they bring the true message of God that totally contradicts what caters to the flesh And I wholeheartedly agree with your reference to REV IKE.

Just look at his "theology". It was ahead of it's time. Totally apostate. Some of these ministers today are mixing foreign gods mamon with Jesus to attain something of their own desires.

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Thank God for the Spirit of discernment, sheesh! Chris M, Thanks for commenting. In the segment I saw Jordan gave the definition of a false prophet as one who was trying to prophesy in a pagan sense. He gave no credence to the content of what was said. In fact he suggested that what was said was based on some type of uniform standard of encouragement rather than a specific word of the Lord toward a specific situation. For example, according to him, the reasons that prophets are prophesying houses, land and businesses is because they are directing people to a greater vision whereby they will be sustained or bettered for the future, not so much because GOd wants them to specifically have land, business or a house What one would gather from what he said is really strange.

So it is a total redefinition of scripture and an encouragement to "do" something that is not necessarily specific from GOd, but that comes from a "good" heart or one that has a commitment to Christ. Of course there was no distinguishable reference regarding those who were liars either. One brought up the scripture where they "prophesied in his name" but God said "depart, you worker of iniquity, I never knew you" but they didn't develop the thought on that as to what that means as it pertained to this topic.

It was a session devoid of poignant truths on the issue for sure. I received this message from one of our readers regarding this "apostate gathering of perpetrating prophets" This message was edited for content: "Please be in prayer for our city. I have just learned that the prophetic Summit will be coming to Cleveland December complete with Prophet Bernard Jordan some of the other panelist and Juanita Bynum. They will be doing a life recording for the show here. We are in prayer certain portions edited Belinda Scott did make a statement regarding the show that God had called her to do the show and that little people with no major platforms should not be commenting on the Summit.

Why shouldn't us "little people with no major platforms" whatever that means expose these false teachers and heretics? Because they aren't saved for one, and only run in their viscous circle of elitists. Evidently they think they can outdo Eddie, Earl and the list goes on and on. Also the bars should be aware too, because alcohol sales will certainly increase also.

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Sad shame! I've switched to real time comments for most posts. Refresh your screen if you post and do not see it right away. Please send me an email if you try to post a comment and cannot do so. Dunamis1 netzero. Walmart Coupon. Bernard "Mar Elijah" Jordan. Master Prophet E. Jupiter is the expanse, but Jupiter also means what else?

Thank you God connects the prophets with the star that deals with the most money. Bernard Mar Elijah Jordan. Read where the names come from HERE There are so many problems and scriptural issues with certain assertions that have been delivered by the panelists, I almost don't know where to begin. There are some good and insightful guests of course, but you know it was a bad show when Pimpoliscious himself served as a co-moderator.

Prognosticator : One who foretells the future from signs or symptoms. There are some difficult passages to understand within the bible. For example, we must keep in mind that God didn't allow the Urim and Thummim Ex.

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When Saul did this, he was punished for his actions see 1Samuel 28 This was to be a major difference between the people of God and pagans. In addition, we must also clarify that the "glory" that the heavens declare Jer. Another question that came up, actually at the direction of Pimpoliscious himself, regarded Jordan's use of astrology within his prophetic practice In this, Jordan did two things. First, he denied that he was an astrologer and claimed that he didn't know when and how people thought he used astrology. However, take a look at this video and it will be clear that Jordan himself makes the statements regarding his use and understanding of astrology. His answer to the panel was a complete fabrication. Take a look:.

One can clearly see, that Jordan not only associates astrology with biblical prophecy, but he has also developed a complete hermeneutic to justify it. This is in clear violation of the scriptures:. Astrology is not neither has it ever been a biblical practice. Consulting stars is not and was not, neither has it ever been a way that people were told to consult the God of the universe. Men did that.

Jordan even stated that it was impossible for a Christian believer to be a "false prophet" no matter what. Aside from the fact that this is a totally biblicaly illiterate rendering of what false prophet means it is also yet another fabrication. May that is due to the fact that Jordan regularly prophesies falsely both on his show and on the Al Sharpton radio program almost weekly. The "false" of the false prophet was based on the content of what was said, not because of their supposed relationship to or within the natural body of believers.

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Surprisingly, the panel guests were anxious to accept that rendering claiming that their education had qualified them to be considered "masters" at what they do. After all, most of them had to get their "Masters Degree" before their Doctorates, so that made sense Under ANE systems and terms. The word "Adoni" was translated as the word master. It was also translated as "my Lord" at times. Meister , influenced in M. In academic senses from M. The verb is attested from early 13c.