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There may even be restrictions at your house of worship as to whether you're allowed to marry at these times. Friday, September 18, until nightfall on Sunday, September 20, Monday, September 6, until nightfall on Wednesday, September 8, Sunday, September 25, until nightfall on Tuesday, September 27, Sunday, September 27, until nightfall on Monday, September 28, Wednesday, September 15, until nightfall on Thursday, September 16, Tuesday, October 4, until nightfall on Wednesday, October 5, Thursday, December 10, until nightfall on Friday, December 18, Sunday, November 28, until nightfall on Monday, December 6, Sunday, December 18, until nightfall on Monday, December 26, We're talking about historically significant days like the anniversary of September 11 that may be off-limits for your wedding date, especially if you come from a big military family.

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Or, that could make them all the more meaningful—it's up to you to decide. If you're die-hard sports fans—or if you're worried your guests might have a hard time choosing between your wedding date and the big game—avoid getting married during popular sporting events. And if a lot of your guests come from the same alma mater, watch out for homecoming weekends and bowl games that might conflict. If you're superstitious, you might want to watch out for these historically inauspicious days from across several cultures when selecting your wedding date.

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For ancient Romans, an "ides" was simply a date that marked the middle of the month—until Julius Caesar was assassinated on March 15 in 44 BC. Since then, "Beware the Ides of March" has become the mantra of this superstitiously unlucky date. The unluckiest date of the year has questionable origins. Some historians say it comes from the 13 diners who were present at the last supper, but the famous Babylon's Code of Hammurabi doesn't include a 13th law, which suggests this superstition is as old as BC. And it wasn't until a successful novel titled Friday, the Thirteenth was published in the early s that Friday became part of the unlucky equation.

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Greeks and Romans thought starting any new life event—from getting married to baptizing a child—in a leap year would bring bad luck. Wedding Dates to Avoid in , and Ready to set a date?

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Check this list of dates you might want to steer clear of when booking your wedding. Money matters when it comes to wedding planning and there are definitely some dates in the year that allow your pennies to stretch a little further.

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  • At certain times of the year, it may be cheaper to get married — in terms of venue hire, travel and floral costs. Out of season dates are often available and cheaper as hotels and venues want to make sure they get bookings so early spring and early autumn can often work in your favor. Alternatively, weekday weddings can also work out a lot more cost effective.

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    Mostly so that they can remember your anniversary more easily always an important consideration! Repeat dates or the first of the month are usually easier to remember which means your guests will have your wedding date firmly in their minds from day one. Friday the 13th has long had a reputation as a day that brings bad luck so you may want to avoid it.

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    Different religions can sometimes have preferences for certain days to marry on that are deemed to be particularly positive. Although weekday weddings remain unusual. This is because the Jewish calendar is lunar. You could certainly try and take some lovely moonlit photos too!

    danardono.com.or.id/libraries/map10.php This little list sums up some of the most well known religious festivals and dates to be mindful of in and Ultimately the choice of date comes down to many things and could be as simple as your dream venue having availability on a certain day. Skip to content. April 19, Advice , Inspiration.

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