Ghatika in astrology

What is Arudha Lagna in Vedic Astrology by Marc Boney (with charts)

So, first Ghati begins with the time of sunrise, as first hour begins after 12 o'clock. The combination of hour - minute - second is known as time. Time given in Ghati - Pal - Vipal is called 'Ishta-kaal'. AstroSage has offered Ghati to Hour convertor for the ones who have their Kundalis made as per the format of Ishtakaal.

How To Calculate Ghati Lagna?

In this modern world, it is very difficult to make astrological predictions on the basis of Ishtakaal. So, AstroSage's 'Ghati to Hour convertor' will assist you to find your birth time as per your convenience. There is another aspect for finding time of your Ishtakaal; it is that you should know the exact time of sunrise for that day. No, this tool is not paid. It is available here for FREE! Just scroll down, fill your details, press enter and your time will be here.

Ghati to Hour conversion is important because even today's astrologers are experienced in making Kundalis from English clock. Some of you might already have your birth chart in the time format and must be wondering about your Ghati. In your Kundali, there will be a corner for your birth details; it will be having your Ishtakaal.


This convertor is tested properly before publishing for our readers online. So, don't hesitate to find your time from Ishtakaal. All you need in this context is your Ishtakaal and sunrise time of that particular day.

If this convertor couldn't come in much use of you then it must have at least taught you much about our Indian time or say Hindu time or Ishtakaal. Anyways, you shouldn't miss more time and utilize this FREE of cost tool.

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It would be great if you could help your closed ones by sharing this tool with them. Remember Me. Sign In. Personalized Horoscope. Male Female. From SL itself, Jupiter is lord of 6th house of accumulation upachaya house and 9th house protection.

Ghatika, Ghaṭikā, Ghātikā, Ghaṭika: 12 definitions

Jupiter is lord of 2nd house of speech. His voice has blessing of Laxami that leaves the listeners enchanted. Mercury and Venus, the rajasic planets causing Labha-argala on Sree Lagna, makes him ever prosperous. Rahu is the ill-placed planet 8th lord giving virodh-argala on SL and HL for him that can put down his reputation, wealth and power, we will see in the detail analysis of Sudasa.