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Thus, the Pisces man and Virgo woman compatibility will surely reach a level, where these two can happily and peacefully co-exist together. The male Pisces is a very good listener and carefully hears everything what she has to express, which makes her feel special and loved.

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As they are opposites in the zodiac signs, they are extremely attracted towards each other, like two poles of a magnet. They instantly share this magnetic vibe and fall for each other. Thereby, increasing the Pisces man and Virgo woman love compatibility to another level. The Pisces man, through his charisma, is able to woo her and make her believe in all the fascinating dreams, desires and wishes that she wants to be fulfilled. She will magically start falling for him and he will try his best to make them come true as he is too emotional as well.

There also seems to be a very strong communication between Pisces man and Virgo woman which makes them have a powerful connection, an indestructible bond which draws them closer and share more love and affection. The male Pisces, is exceptionally kind, calm and composed which makes him deal with things with ease and patience. This makes her realise how wonderful her partner is, apart from being so lovable.

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He is also overwhelmed of the fact that she is so compassionate, caring, helpful and loyal as well, which makes him feel blessed to have a partner like her, who can apprehend with him so well. He is quite liberal in terms of spending money and she, on the other hand, is a bit miserly in nature. This may spark a quarrel where she would criticize him of being so lenient and candid towards spending money, rather than saving some for the future, the way she does. The zodiac sign Pisces man does not like being too criticized and henpecked now and then, which makes him feel dissapointed about himself, as she thinks of him as someone who is not able to do the right things in life.

He starts feeling lesser of himself. He sometimes keeps hidden secrets within and does not share it with her, or others for that matter. This really dissapoints and saddens her, as she is so delicate and fragile to accept this from him, which may have a negative impact on the the Pisces man compatibility with Virgo woman.

Inspite of having such a great connection, there are issues to be taken care of while they are in a relationship which may help in growing the Pisces man and Virgo woman love compatibility stronger.

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The Virgo woman has to stop criticizing people in any way. Special attention has to be given, to stop her from criticizing him and herself by being too harsh.

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She has to understand that this has a negative impact on the relationship that Pisces and Virgo share with one another. The Pisces man also has to make sure that he does not keep any secrets and shares anything and everything with her, taking the advantage of their strong hold on communication.

If both of them try to share things with each other, maintan a balance between logical Virgo and emotional Pisces, the compatibility of Pisces man and Virgo woman will be a benevolent and a spectacular experience for both of them. Narasimhachari Granthawali 4 Volume Set. JK Rowling.

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