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These dates do not correspond to the modern Gregorian calendar. October is commonly associated with the season of autumn in the Northern hemisphere and with spring in the Southern hemisphere. Posted by Valerie at AM 1 comments. Thursday, September 5, Self-Care September. I love the Action for Happiness monthly calendar and print out several copies the beginning of each month.

I keep several copies around -- one at work, one on the fridge at home and one in my personal planner.

Much more than documents.

As women, we always put everyone else first whether it be our kids, our husband, our jobs and, as a consequence, we keep going and going until it's too late. And then we're exhausted and burnt out. And as I was writing yesterday's post, I'm prone to this type of behavior based on my Zodiac sign. Posted by Valerie at AM 0 comments. Wednesday, September 4, Libra Power. Under the tropical zodiac, the Sun transits this area on average between northern autumnal equinox September 23 and October 23 and under the sidereal zodiac, the sun currently transits the constellation of Libra from approximately October 31 to November Libras believe that they're directing their own lives, and they take a big-picture approach in making that life look and feel the best it can be.

They spend a lot of time figuring out what's missing from that big picture, and they may feel unhappy if they become too focused on one thing, whether it's work, a partner, or a family member. Librans are at their best when they balance their schedule to include plenty of time for self-care rituals and personal pursuits, and when they give themselves enough flexibility to change focus.

Tuesday, September 3, Do you Remember September. In the Northern hemisphere, the beginning of the meteorological autumn is on 1 September. In the Southern hemisphere, the beginning of the meteorological spring is on 1 September.

September marks the beginning of the ecclesiastical year in the Eastern Orthodox Church. It is the start of the academic year in many countries of the northern hemisphere, in which children go back to school after the summer break, sometimes on the first day of the month. September was called "harvest month" in Charlemagne's calendar. On Usenet , it is said that September Eternal September never ended.

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September is called Herbstmonat , harvest month, in Switzerland. The Anglo-Saxons called the month Gerstmonath , barley month, that crop being then usually harvested. Posted by Valerie at PM 0 comments. Thursday, August 29, Righteous Gemstones. Youngest son Kelvin Devine is a youth ministry hot-shot with an ambiguous private life that includes the ubiquitous presence of former satanist Keefe Tony Cavalero.

Finally, there's middle child Judy Patterson. Jesse is the most ethically compromised of the bunch. Jesse, Kelvin, and Judy spend most of their time tearing each other down and doing their best to earn the favor of their father. Eventually, their disagreement devolves into a splash fight and then somehow the wave-pool function gets activated. What was supposed to be a sacred experience turns into total shit show. Danny McBride has an affinity for frustrated and unsuccessful men.

Danny McBride makes shows that broadcast at a very specific and targeted frequency, or maybe a very specific volume. It's been a McBride trademark that as his men are pitted against one another in mutually assured destruction, the women sneak in and, by design, steal the story. He has a beautiful, loyal wife, three healthy children, a laughably huge home, and an enormous amount of inherited wealth. There is no good reason for him to be such an ass. Wednesday, August 28, The Real Deal. I have never loved or been loved by anyone as much as this amazing woman thejessicombs she was truly my unicorn and I enjoyed every single minute that I had with her.

She was the most amazing spirit that I have ever or will ever know. Unfortunately we lost her yesterday in a horrific accident, I was the first one there and trust me we did everything humanly possible to save her!! Please donate to nothing, I know there will be people try, we are finishing the documentary as she wished and the world will know the truth and her foundation will use those funds to do amazing things in this world and make her legacy live on properly.

Love you all and thank you all for being such amazing friends to her, she dedicated her life to helping support others dreams and I promise I will continue that. Tuesday, August 27, I hope y'all are happy now. This was a very, very heavy John Paul Jones episode and I'm here for it! Who would have thought that the romantic hero we all needed was blond, baffling, and bilious? Who knew the man we were all looking for was someone who would laugh at his own jokes like Ray Liotta in Goodfellas while talking like Ralph Lauren Spicoli.

That's who!

I've been saying it all along people! Pay attention! So how does this manifest? She tells him that he should take advantage of everything Paradise has to offer. And Paradise has to offer Tahzjuan. You rememeber Tahjuan, don't you? Tazjuan "I was there for two seconds. Well, Tahzjuan just walked down the stairs, and she has her hard, little heart set on JPJ. This bitch did not buy sunscreen. This bitch did not pick out a setting spray or matte foundation.

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She also did not familiarize herself with the temperature in Mexico. Also, Tahzjuan is saying everything a bad bitch would say but she does not have the actual attitude of a bad bitch. Very funny.