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You have a strong character and you sometimes choose to stay distant from people because of intense emotions. You become the center of attention with the speed of light due to your charming character and jokes.

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You can become a highly respected merchant or a speaker. This child should be given permission to paint the walls of the house or play the violin in a free way or do anything artistic and creative it wants to do. If you are someone that is born under the Monkey Sign, you should give permission to the child within you to play and creatively express itself. That is, if you wish to grow and be free. If you choose the path of oppression and rebuke, this child will become lazy, destructive, disruptive and a huge price will be paid.

When your creative channel is open, you can be very beneficial to self and community with your practical mind. People may find it difficult adjusting to your endless questions and innocent curiosity. Since you are friendly and charming, you are very loved by people, which help them to tolerate your curiosity.

Be aware that your attention seeking and jokester side needs balance. Otherwise you can be perceived as a clown instead of a charming, funny person. You have the ability to handle thoughts as if they were threads, and weave them into our reality. Not staying focused long enough to learn and be good on one subject.

Monkey, Eagle, Storm, Night and the Deer. The Mayan Calendar has a Galactic Tone that changes from the 1st to the 13th. It is good to know the sign of your birth date along with your Galactic Tone. This tone reveals the relationship between us and the divine plan. What you read above about the Day Sign involves your personal mission. You do not choose the tone you will be born with, this is more like a mission given to you.

This is the energy you radiate to the people, society and the universe.

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It completes the qualifications that come to you along with the Day Sign. Besides your birth day, it is important to know which Mayan week you were born into. Unlike the normal week structure we have, the Mayans have the Trecana weeks that are different. The Trecana Sign you were born in gives you integral information about who you are. If we compare the personality to a picture, the Day Sign will describe what is in the foreground, which is your face. The Trecana Sign describes what is on the background of the picture and this tells us about your personality.

Family, sexuality and mysterious awakenings are important in your life. You are very earthly, generally have good health and carry energy of abundance.

Working with the 13 Moon Calendar and Dreamspell

According to the Mayans, people born on the Seed day will be rich and wise. Good luck will come to you if you focus on your life purpose. If you direct your life force towards the business or art of your choice, you will become a master of it, be rich and live a life filled with wisdom. The Seed must learn to be calm, avoid making simple mistakes and walk without stepping on its own tail in this lifetime. Life is full of tests and obstacles for you but these difficulties encourage you to find solutions and become resourceful. If you become fully aware of this situation and not give up on finding solutions you can rid yourself from many traps.

In time you can even be a good advisor to others facing similar challenges. In one sense you are like the seed; you carry great potential but if you do not nurture it, growth will not occur. However, you may lack flexibility of the mind at times. Besides your Core Sign, there are also the four signs located in four directions.

According to the Mayans, there is a direct relationship between human beings and the universe. They believe that in the source of the universe, there is a living tree expanding into four directions. This tree is in the universal dimension and is duplicated on the human level as well. This means that we all have a four-directional tree of life, giving us four more signs in the four different directions: We discover which signs you have at each direction by using your birth date.

We all have many aspects to ourselves.

http://tax-marusa.com/order/defytuko/pirater-un-compte-facebook-avec-iphone-7.php Due to the differences between the signs of your four directions, there can be some tension and contradictions in your life. The Mayan astrology is an important benefit because it allows you to know your different directions and help you to balance them in unity. Step 5. Download the Daykeeper document file. Step 6. Open the Daykeeper document file. If not already open, navigate to the download folder, click the "DayKeeper. The file should open using Word or Open Office.

You should see the color images if properly set up. There must be 24 pages, 12 front plus 12 back. Delete spaces or adjust the margins if there are more than 24 pages. Rich Text format. For use with many word processors. Does NOT work with Wordpad. You may have to manually re-order each paper sheet order before printing the backs depending on your printer.

Download the image archive and the Daykeeper rtf file above. Unzip the image archive and save the files in the locations specified for your operating system. The images need to be stored in the exact folders, the Daykeeper rtf file looks for the images there. The Daykeeper rtf file may be located anywhere. Test how to turn over the papers to print on the back. You may want to use black ink only during testing. Remember how the paper needs to be turned over. When you get that correct then print the entire planner.

Print the entire day planner. There are 12 pieces of paper used when printed on both sides.

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You may have to adjust the margins to work with your printer, but you need to end up with 24 pages in the Daykeeper rtf file. Print the 12 front pages, turn the stack over, page one should be on top with the orientation so page 13 prints on the unprinted side, then put the stack in the printer again and on the backs of them, print the backs.

What is the Mayan Dreamspell?

After the first 12 pages are printed, you will have to turn the pages with the correct side up and with the correct side entering the printer first. You will have to adjust the sheets so that page 13 of DayKeeper goes on the back of page 1 of DayKeeper and so on. Make sure the orientation is the same, that is be careful that the tops are correct. Make sure the wavespell numbers are in order. The glyph of Eb means 'skull'. The day symbolises the cycle of life by decay and renewal. In the creation history of the Maya, the young god of maize was offered, leading to a miraculous multiplication of the maize plants.

In this case, the skull does not symbolise fear or destruction, but the new life that comes from death. As god of the day, the young maizegod, ruler of the number eight, was chosen. Etznab was the day of the blood-offer, and therefore not very loved by the people. The word Etznab itself stands for 'offering' and 'flint', with relation to the knives of the priests, that were made out of obsidian stone.

To ensure his support and favour, people from every ranking, even kings and priests underwent ritual blood-letting. Human sacrifices to the gods were in abundance on this day, where cruelty and deceipt ruled. Ik stands for the Mayan word for 'wind'. On the second day of the history of creation, the wind blew over the primordial sea and brought movement to the world. It is for this reason that the god with the same name, Ik, the ruler of the number three, is associated with the second day of creation. Imix, the first day, stands for the primordial dragon, as found in most creation narratives around the world: the first creature of the primordial sea, from where all life came forth.

The glyph also symbolises the words 'waterlily' and 'crocodile', what becomes the 'waterlily-dragon' in Mayan mythology. The Maya regarded the waterlily as the worlds' first flower, and the crocodile as one of the first animals that could leave the primordial sea to add the land to their habitat. The first day of the Tzolkin begins with the symbol of creation of all life. The reigning goddess of this day is the primordial mother 'Mam', mistress of the primordial water and the number five. According to the Mayan mythology, the fourteenth era, where the young gods reigned, started on the fourteenth day.

The day was devoted to the moongods, who, being lights in the night, bannished darkness. The word Kan means, among others, a mythological creature that was regarded to be the first that lived on land.

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It had a dragon-like shape, consisting of plants and animal parts. The Kan-Cross-Waterlily-monster also symbolises fertile land from silt. The fourth day stands for the moment life began on earth, and metaphorical, the fourth day also describes the fourth age of mankind. According to Mayan belief, mankind stands at the end of this development-period.

As glyph, Kan means the colour yellow, in it's turn symbolising the ripe, golden maize.