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These people are orderly and methodical. Mercury influenced person tend to study occult sciences also. Afflicted Mercury will make the person clever, cunning and mischievous. Such persons are sometimes good at gambling. If Sun and Mars is cruel planet, and Mercury is neutral; then Jupiter or Brihaspati in Sanskrit is one most positive and powerful planet.

Jupiter is preceptor of Gods and Lord of Sky. Jupiter is the giant planet in astrology. Old Greeks considered Jupiter as the father of Gods-Zeus. If well placed in horoscope, he bestows a considerable amount of what appears to be good luck. It is said, even if other planets are ill posited, if Jupiter is strong and well placed in a chart, he will enjoy the last minute assistance to tide over the difficult time.

However, bad Jupiter will make the native careless, extravagant, lavish, debt-ridden, and disputed. Jupiter is also considered as significator for children Santan Karaka. You must have wondered what celebrities such as musicians, actors, artists, and dancers have special in their chart. It is Venus or Shukra in Sanskrit. Venus is planet you would love to be at right place in your kundli. It is all about material pleasure, love, romance, marriage, and friendship. Beauty, music, dance, drama is Venus.

Anything related to luxury such as jewelry, expensive cars, beautiful home is Venus. Venus means opulence. Venus is the brightest planet in astrology. Men and women ruled by Venus are noticeably kind and social. When afflicted, Venus produces unsatisfactory domestic conditions, anxiety in love, and difficulty with friends of through finances. Venus rules the vehicles. Saturn or Shani in Sanskrit is highly debatable planet in astrology.

Twelfth-Parts and the Astrology of Profession

Astrologers have many viewpoints about the dasha and antardasha of Saturn. It is very slow moving planet and spends a great time of two and half year in one zodiac. Sade-Sati seven and half years and Dhaiya two and half years is its most talked and researched dashas. People are generally very suspicious about these two dashas, and do a lot of praying and worship of Lord Shani — God associated with this planet.

Saturn is the outermost planet amongst the planets in astrology. Saturn is the chief governor for longevity. Western astrology considers it as significator of darkness, secrecy, loss and misfortune. Most of the labor related occupation is dominated by Saturn. Ironically, all the so-called evils of Saturn leads to the betterment of life but after teaching certain lessons. It will make you humble, patient, seeker, and believer by the way of limitations, delay, adversaries, and redeem you. It sends you in instrospection mode whenever comes in the dasha.

Saturn is considered to be favourable for people born in the signs of Venus whereas evil to those born in the signs of Mercury. He is also beneficial when he is in his own sign, or when he occupies the signs of Jupiter or when he is exalted. Rahu and Ketu does not have body shape like other planets. According to legends, after churning of the ocean Samudra Manthan , with many things, came out Amrita.

There was a dispute amongst the Devas and Asuras over its distribution.

Mars vs. Jupiter as husband in a female's chart (Vedic Astrology)

Lord Vishnu did a trick and managed to whole of it consumed by Devas. In horoscope, they are always opposite to each other. Rahu has numerous contradictory interpretations discussed among astrologers, however, few things are common:. Tags: Vedic Astrology. Would love to hear from you!

Role of Mars in Defining Your Profession

Happy Reading! Sun Sun is the king of the planets in astrology.

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Earth, Moon and Sun. Sun and Mercury.

Planets and Profession - The Astrology Online

Post Views: 94, Mercury is indicative of intellectual, analytical, or highly transactional callings. All 7 planets are relevant to this matter but these three are the focus. Rhetorius Holden, , p. Mars does not just show more physical activities, pertaining to things like athleticism, building trades, mechanical work, or dangerous work, but also tends to show development of competitive skills, such as those involved in leadership. Venus will show development along aesthetic lines as well as that pertaining to women, attraction, and sexuality, so there is likely to be some sort of artistic discipline. Mercury will show a developmental stress along intellectual lines. Whether it is in academics, business, or mystical study, there will be intense mental development.

There are other techniques pertaining to eminence or social-mobility. Whether the attempt to develop a skill into a profession is successful will depend to some degree on class and social mobility. The specific form and nature of the profession will also depend in part on class and social mobility.

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Many of the typical Mars professions appear to apply to those of lower social standing. Those of higher social stnading are more likely to channel that competitiveness into political strategy e.

Similarly, in the commentary on Paulus by Olympiadorus, he associated Mars with positions of command, especially military ones, like generals and professional soldiers, when it is made more authoritative Greenbaum, , p. When very malefic, however, Mars can show those who engage in criminal acts for a living. Jupiter will tend to show development of a quest for truth. Law may also be indicated. If Jupiter is prominent then there may be more development along religious lines.

In either case, there is a sense of a commitment toward an ideal which is being worked upon. Saturn is associated with land, farmers, sailors, the soil, natural resources, the dead, misery and poverty, as well as discipline, control, and management. Rhetorius also associated a strong Saturn with public service and management c. Greenbaum, In my opinion, both the Sun and Moon in relation to profession show publicity or prominence, as the Lights are associated with power.

The Sun is associated with things being more heroic, public, or publicized. Paulus Alexandrinus 4th century CE presented the best early explanation for how to find the professional indicator.

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He advised to look at Mars Ares , Venus Aphrodite , and Mercury Hermes and to see which of them are in the nine places which are effective 10th, 1st, 7th, 4th, 2nd, 11th, 5th, 8th, or 6th. He also points out which places provide better indication. Paulus appears to view the 10th status, rank, actions and 2nd income, possessions places as the most authoritative.