Photographica asteroid astrology

For her chart we picked a morning time that is not fully rectified because of our lack of biographical data. It is also conjunct her Saturn, highlighting in her short life the importance of her father and then grandfather. None of the asteroids are shown, but asteroid Diana, the Roman equivalent of the Moon goddess and virgin huntress, is conjunct her Sun at 28 Leo, Asteroid Memoria, for memories and memorials, is partile her ascendant sometimes these things are just uncanny. Skip to content. Share this: Tweet Email Pocket. Like this: Like Loading Previous Previous post: The baby Middono death.

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Post to Cancel. Hephaistos: Problems with the limbs usually the legs; lameness; crippling; parental abandonment most often by the mother; to be an issue of contention between the parents; tendency for an unlikely match in relationship ie. HOUSE: A useful point when place is important in predictive work; also refers to the residence and to what is experienced at home. ICARUS: Escapes that are careless of consequences; desire to get outta' here; the fast break impulse; attraction to speed, danger or risk; desire to get away from restrictions of aspecting points.

ISIS: Sibling relationships; issues involving scattered locations, ideas, people and things; fragmentation; sense of needing to get or put it together; desire to make things whole. NIOBE: Humbling lessons through excess pride in one's children, fertility, virility or creativity including creative products. ODYSSEUS: Exile, extended trip or absence, long journey, ex-patriate, to feel rootless or homeless a stranger in a strange land, to be sent away from home.

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OPHELIA: A point of over-reaction and counterproductive reactions linked to mistrust of ones value to others and concern about deception. ORPHEUS: Sad, sweet or haunting music, lyrics or poetry; dirges; sense of mourning and loss; grief for what you don't havewhat has gone out of your lifewhat might have been or what was ; contact with death.

PANDORA: Encountering unexpected consequences; getting more than you bargained for; being enticed by a curiosity, new idea, person or situationand finding that it has set you on a whole new path; agitation. PSYCHE: Recognition of childhood trauma; raw wounds psychologically; vulnerability; memories; insight; psychic impressionability; psychological recovery; the state of your mental health; head wounds; brain states. REQUIEM: As well as a connection to the ceremonies of death and the formalization of grief, Requiem stands for a place of acceptance, a cessation of struggle.

Sappho as pairs assumes another importance in medical astrology. Its having to go back to the beginning; getting the rug pulled out from under you just as you thought you were getting somewhere; dogged rejection of defeat. Vietnam, India, China, Malaysia, Japan; periodic occurrence; ascetic; attention to sound.

Enigma, paradox, questions, missing information, lack of answers and understanding about points in axis or aspect. TANTALUS: Teasing; temptation; times when what is wanted is just out of reach; excessive hunger or thirst; failures of gratitude; problems with giving the right thing to the right person; feeling as though one is tested on whether they know about aspecting or axis factors. TORO: Machismo; bullying; intimidation; doing hard, physical work; strength muscular ; muscle flexingpsychologically or physically; challenging others; rough treatment; competitive; football; prizefighting; toughness.

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URANIA: Astrology; astronomy; handling theoretical, hypothetical or abstract principles and information; logic and rationality; ability to see the big picture and not be dissuaded by instant details; an intellectual framework; apperceptionintellectual context. Bias and distortions to rationality and conceptual ability. Read Free For 30 Days. Flag for inappropriate content.

Photographica asteroid astrology

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Jayshree Borkar. Marcia Castle. In examining any chart, it's important to look at exactly what the Moon is doing. The Moon can basically symbolize any aspect of the situation, including the question itself, and part of how you figure out what it represents is to look at what images and shapes it makes with other planets. In this chart, it's doing about four different things that stand out. One, it's located in the 12th house -- one of those super mysterious places where you don't know what's going on, shrouded in secrecy.

The 12th is the house of missing information. Second, it's just finished making a conjunction to Saturn, also located in the house of 'God knows what'. Something heavy was going on right before this happened, and something we can assume was secret. Third, it's making an exact quincunx to Uranus in the 8th house -- some sudden Uranus situation involving death or a close-to-death 8th house experience obviously , and possibly with a lot of money or the truth about some secret at stake. Last, at the time of this incident, it's a short time before the Full Moon -- about one day.

Something is about to come to a head, or come to fruition; something is about to emerge, and a deadlock is about to be broken. When you see a Full Moon approaching, you can always safely ask: Let's add some minor planets. Neptune has two planets exactly conjunct it. One is the asteroid Photographica. As literal as it sounds, this is an asteroid that really does show up where photographs and images are concerned for example, it's been prominent in the whole 'cartoon protest' situation.

Second, it's conjunct Damocles of 'sword of Damocles' fame, the sword hanging over the head of the king. There are probably pictures from that day, and there is a real possibility that they will emerge. Pictures of something important. Maybe pictures of a big party earlier in the day. Maybe in a high-tech drinking game, they were playing with a Breathalyzer machine.

There are also three minor planets gathered around the North Node. It's difficult to define the 'meaning' of the North Node as a general rule, but suffice it to say that it's a sensitive and important point in just about any chart. The North Node is the calling.

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It often points to the true intent or what is happening now. Asbolus - 4 Aries 47'24" the survivor Diana - 5 Aries 21'41" the goddess of the hunt Bacchus - 5 Aries 39'31" the god of wine and revelry So let's add these up. Diana, the goddess of the hunt, is an appropriate point to make an appearance in the chart; this was a hunt, as lame it is for grownups to be spending their weekend shooting pretty little birds. Diana is conjunct Bacchus we have the suggestion that alcohol was potentially involved in the incident. In the United States, anyway, hunting and drinking are frequently found in the same place and time, despite both laws, ethics and common sense. But they appear in this chart together. Asbolus, a Centaur planet, is a point that shows up in the charts of survivors. The word means 'carbon dust' and anyone who makes it on Planet Earth has two things in common: For people with prominent Asbolus, life was difficult -- but they made it. Harry Whittington made it, but barely, and so far. When you're 78, it's not a good idea to get hit in the chest and face with to bits of birdshot, be thrust into the national limelight, and then get blamed for what happened to you.